Mercury Hiway


This is the view the public sees when passing the Nevada Test Site entrance off US 95 between Las Vegas and Reno. On the left are large pens built to hold protesters. Whenever the going gets tough, the administration in DC changes the Test Site’s name.
It began as the Nevada Proving Grounds, and then after a few A-bombs lit up the sky, it became the Nevada Test Site (NTS) and remained so for decades. Las Wegians could get up early, sit on their balconies, take a hit of reefer, and get a spectacular light show from less than 100 miles distant and if they weren’t lucky, the resulting shock wave could break their windows and/or cause them to be irradiated by fallout. It was recently decided it should be known as the Nevada Nuclear Security Site, although its role is the same as it used to be: testing atomic weapons, albeit now underground. In the interim, it was discovered that the NTS owned Area 51, not the CIA. Oops!
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