Hangared Lancaster at RAF East Kirkby

Spitfire at RAF East Kirkby

The former RAF East Kirkby is now the home to the Lincolnshire Heritage Aviation Center and houses a number of historic aircraft including a Hawker Hurricane and Lancaster shown here. During WW2, it was a Bomber Command station for the RAF 57 and 630 Squadrons flying Lancasters. After the war the US Air Force used the base as an Air Rescue station.
In 1981, it was bought by two brothers and transformed to be an air museum. “Just Jane” the gate guardian Lancaster bomber from RAF Scampton, is one of three operational Lancasters in existence and is regularly taxied out. It cannot fly until the museum can afford an Air Worthiness Certificate. 25% of all net profits of this art will be donated to LHAC for the express purpose getting such a certificate, so please help this worthy cause.
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